Formosa 6 excels in auction rankings, unveiling a promising start for the wind farm development journey

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Taipei, July 9, 2024 – The rankings for the second round of auctions for Phase 3 Zonal Development of Offshore Wind in Taiwan have been announced today. Formosa 6, SRE’s offshore wind farm to be located off the coast of Changhua County with a target capacity of around 800MW, successfully earned recognition and excelled in various evaluations.

Our development team would like to express gratitude to the competent authorities for their professionalism and impartiality throughout the process, and extend our respect to our esteemed competitors.

Winning the auction is just the ticket to the wind farm development journey, and there are still many challenges ahead. As the leading offshore wind developer in Asia, SRE will continue our unwavering commitment to advancing green energy, working hand in hand with partners to foster a sustainable future.  


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