Formosa 7 passes preliminary EIA review as SRE joins hands with NTU for cetacean stranding research and rescue


Taipei, March 4, 2024 – Synera Renewable Energy (SRE), the pioneering offshore wind developer in Asia, announced that following Formosa 6, its Formosa 7 has also passed the preliminary EIA review, making it officially eligible for Taiwan’s next offshore wind auction. Both wind farms are planned to be situated off the coast of Changhua County in central Taiwan.

Dedicating over a decade to advancing offshore wind in Taiwan, SRE has been actively engaging in four offshore wind projects, with two already in commercial operations off the shore of Miaoli County, where it has established a strong foothold. Formosa 6 and Formosa 7, the other two in development, represent the company’s first expansion into waters off the coast of Changhua County.

With appreciation for the recognition by subcommittee members of the preliminary EIA review, the developer reiterated its continued commitment to corporate social responsibility and the transition to green energy, which plays a vital role in combating climate change and preserving biodiversity.

Against the backdrop of the Executive Yuan approving a marine conservation bill, and with the two abovementioned projects securing tickets for Taiwan’s next offshore wind auction, SRE announced its sponsorship for the “Analysis of Cetacean Stranding Pattern in Taiwan and Live Stranding Rescue Enhancement Project” led by a research team from the School of Veterinary Medicine at National Taiwan University, upholding the spirit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water.

Upon completion, the professional analysis and scientific evidence provided by the authoritative academic institution are expected to enhance understanding of risks facing cetaceans in waters surrounding Taiwan, both domestically and regionally, thereby facilitating the development of cross-border cooperation mechanisms and a more constructive conservation and response plan.

Anna Su, CEO of SRE, stated, “We are proud to see both Formosa 6 and Formosa 7 passing the preliminary EIA review. It is our pleasure and honor to support the research by National Taiwan University and expand the scope of industry-academia collaboration in marine conservation and environmental education.”

“At SRE, as we strive for continuous improvement in green energy development, we also seek partnerships across various sectors to address critical issues such as ocean warming and marine conservation, all with the aim of fostering a sustainable future,” added Su.

Formosa 7 will be located about 38 kilometers off the coast of Lukang Township and Fuxing Township, Changhua County, and will cover around 66 square kilometers. With a maximum potential capacity of 770MW, the wind farm will adopt bottom-fixed foundations.

The “Analysis of Cetacean Stranding Pattern in Taiwan and Live Stranding Rescue Enhancement Project” is an independent research project scheduled to span one and a half years. Adhering to the principle of academic impartiality, SRE will not interfere with the research process, and the findings will be published both domestically and internationally in the future.


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